Working with engineering contracts

From 50,000 rubles/month
Construction contracts
Engineering research and design
Bank guarantees
Contracts for the lease of equipment for construction
Investment contracts
Contracts for construction and installation work
Work safely and cleanly in the eyes of the law
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Drafting of construction contracts, building and assembly jobs, installation and commissioning
We help to agree on favorable conditions for both parties and make sure that it is executed in good faith
We thoroughly document even minor breaches of contract. We monitor the timely signing of acts, recommend when it is worth concluding an additional agreement.
To customers
We help you dispute unsubstantiated claims about the quality or timing of work. We document everything, so that in the event of litigation, we have the advantage.
To contractors
Engineering, design, EPC contracts
We make sure that the work is in full compliance with the Land and Town Planning Codes of the Russian Federation
For example, if the work is carried out in difficult places with dense greenery, we will help you get a permit to cut down.
Check potential contractors for admission to this type of work.
Secure contracts with the help of qualified lawyers
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Construction financing and investment contracts
We will find weaknesses, we will achieve the revision of the contract, or conclude additional agreements.
If the contract has already been drawn up
We will help the developer to attract construction financing on favorable terms without any pitfalls.
Drafting a contract
We resolve disputes between investors and developers in the pre-trial order. If the case has gone to court, we represent the interests.
Insurance of property and works
Bank guarantees
We will accompany the examination and help to prove the accident.
We will find the best insurance program that includes the maximum potential risks.
More reliable than looking for collateral amounts and guarantors. If one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations, it is much easier to get the compensation due through bank guarantees.
We will make sure that you are included in the contract.
Work safely with engineering contracts
We will provide a reliable legal basis for the transaction and make sure everything goes perfectly.
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the difficulties
the company is facing
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We will call you back and suggest solutions.
We calculate the consequences of our actions to increase profitability or minimize costs for our customers. We are fully responsible and ready to justify each proposed solution.
During this time more than 50 Russian and 20 foreign companies have used our services. We make the work in the domestic and foreign market easier and more comfortable.
Economic feasibility is the main principle of the company.
We have been working since 2016
We follow general commercial activity of the company, study marketing and commercial policy, the system of documents circulation and book-keeping through the prism of law. This approach to projects of any complexity is why our clients appreciate us.
Proficiency, responsibility and confidentiality 
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