Legal support
of business

Increase the efficiency of the legal department, or completely replace it

More profitable than
an in-house lawyer
Services are registered as expenses of business activity
From 50,000 rubles/month
Doing business with foreign partners safely
International Law
We work with documents in Russian, English and German
Foreign languages
Lower costs and greater
efficiency of the legal department
We work to make it easier for you to conduct business within the legislation of the Russian Federation and the norms of international law. Especially, when working with foreign partners.
We provide a full range of legal support for Russian and foreign companies.
We provide one-time consulting and legal audit services.
We resolve issues before trial
and represent interests in court.
Elena Zilwester
General Counsel and Head of Agency
I am personally involved in all projects
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Ready to give detailed advice on all kinds of services
Corporate Law and Investments
We create favorable conditions for small, medium and large businesses.
We work with companies of any legal form. Including companies in the jurisdiction of other states.
From dispute resolution to representation in court
Support of FEA (Foreign Economic Activities)
The full range of services of a customs lawyer
From dispute resolution to communication with government agencies in other countries. Transactions with cargos will go problem-free
Consulting and planning, legal representation, interaction with foreign companies
Construction and engineering contracts
Checking, drafting and negotiation of contracts.
Monitoring the performance of the parties' obligations, assisting employees with contractual issues, and more.
Legal support of construction contracts, equipment supplies and commissioning works
Real Estate Law Practice
Buying, selling and leasing of commercial and residential premises for any purpose
Rent a ready-made business
Registration without risks for both parties
The lawyers of our company will help you to negotiate a contract on the most favorable terms
We can offer more
We are engaged in legal support of business of any stream and scale
Would we be useful to your company?
Just tell us what problem needs to be solved
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About us
We have been working since 2016
During this time more than 50 Russian and 20 foreign companies have used our services. We make the work in the domestic and foreign market easier and more comfortable.
Economic feasibility is the main principle of the company.
We calculate the consequences of our actions to increase profitability or minimize costs for our customers. We are fully responsible and ready to justify each proposed solution.
Proficiency, responsibility and confidentiality 
We follow general commercial activity of the company, study marketing and commercial policy, the system of documents circulation and book-keeping through the prism of law. This approach to projects of any complexity is why our clients appreciate us.
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