Corporate law practice

From 50,000 rubles/month

Registration, reorganization, liquidation of companies

Transaction support, negotiating
Working with trademarks and intellectual property
M&A deals
Settlement of disputes
Pre-trial settlement
and representation in court
A corporate counsel
will be useful in any organization
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of companies with and without debts
of companies, branches, trademarks
by any legal means
Protection of interests
of shareholders, founders and counter-parties
Resolution of disputes
in the most efficient and by law
Developing a company
Corporate Counsel
Elimination of market regulation by dominant enterprises
More detailed
The work is aimed at preventing antitrust violations, as well as mitigating their consequences
Advising companies of different forms of ownership;
Suppression of non-competitive actions against the client company;
Support of inspections carried out by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia;
Preparation of documents to be submitted to the antitrust authorities;
Analysis of contracts for compliance with the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation
Obtaining permissions from the Federal Antimonopoly Service
Challenging actions in the Federal Antimonopoly Service;
Representation in courts of different levels, etc.
Contesting tenders that were held in violation of antitrust requirements
Assistance with inclusion/exclusion of legal entities from the register of economic entities that have a market share of over 35%
Corporate counsel makes the company’s work easier and safer
and ensures development, keeping risks to a minimum
Develops a detailed business model
Represents the interests of the company in court
if a pre-trial settlement is not possible
Resolves disputes in your favor
or finds a compromise that benefits all parties
Tell us what problem
in the company needs to be solved
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We will find the best options
Support of M&A transactions
We accompany transactions on the part of the seller or the buyer, which may be under the jurisdiction of different states.
Horizontal, vertical, parallel and conglomerate mergers and acquisitions
The agency's lawyers will
Structuring transactions and developing a plan for their implementation
Support of negotiations, convocation of shareholders, other corporate events
Tax planning
Assessment of legal, tax and other risks
Coordination of expert groups
Preparation of contracts and other documents for the transaction
Obtaining consent from antitrust authorities to execute the transaction
Registration activities
Development of mechanisms for legal protection of business
You will avoid unwanted fines, taxes and problems with the law.
If the company has no debts, we will carry out the procedure as soon as possible
There are about 8 ways to liquidate a legal entity. The lawyers of the agency will choose the most effective and profitable for you.
That is why it is necessary to carry out the procedure with the help of a qualified lawyer.
The only way to legally close a company with debts
Deliberate driving a firm to bankruptcy and fictitious declaration of bankruptcy entails civil and criminal liability.
And this is only a small part of our work
A corporate counsel is one of the valuable assets of any company aimed at rapid development. We know how to make business more efficient.
Tell us about the difficulties the company is facing
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We will call you back and suggest solutions.
We calculate the consequences of our actions to increase profitability or minimize costs for our customers. We are fully responsible and ready to justify each proposed solution.
During this time more than 50 Russian and 20 foreign companies have used our services. We make the work in the domestic and foreign market easier and more comfortable.
Economic feasibility is the main principle of the company.
We have been working since 2016
We follow general commercial activity of the company, study marketing and commercial policy, the system of documents circulation and book-keeping through the prism of law. This approach to projects of any complexity is why our clients appreciate us.
Proficiency, responsibility and confidentiality 
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